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HBS interview guidance

Preparing for Your HBS Interview 2023-2024

With expert commentary from former members of HBS admissions committee, Brooke Wheelan and Laura MacLean. HBS reports that the school interviews approximately 20% of applicants. This means that with just shy of 10,000 applicants per year, HBS interviews fewer than 2,000 candidates—and dings roughly 8,000 without ever even having spoken to them. If this number …

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Wharton Interview Guidance

Preparing for Your Wharton TBD and One-on-One Interview 2023-2024

Written by Rachel Nelson, Gatehouse Consultant and Wharton MBA. Wharton’s unique interview structure—the Team-Based Discussion (TBD)—often causes anxiety for applicants, but it should not! In fact, past Gatehouse clients have often reported having enjoyed their TBD experience and having made strong connections with their “teammates.” First things first—what is the Wharton TBD? The Wharton TBD …

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Stanford GSB Interview Guidance

Preparing for Your Stanford GSB Interview 2023–2024

Written by Alex Salton, Gatehouse Consultant and Stanford MBA. First off, what can you expect from the GSB interview? Once candidates’ written applications have been submitted, the GSB Admissions Office thoroughly reviews all materials and selects 12%–15% of applicants to interview. Receiving an invitation to interview is a very positive sign! If you have gotten …

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