The new standard in MBA admissions consulting

Gatehouse Admissions was founded on a simple truth: getting accepted to Harvard, Stanford, and other top-tier business schools becomes more challenging each year. Candidates need a new level of expertise and commitment from their admissions consultant.

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Unparalleled dedication and expertise

Coaching MBA applicants is our passion and our talent. And our shared experience — spanning years, schools, professions — means more expertise for you to draw on.

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A partnership predicated on deep engagement and mutual commitment

We intentionally keep our client base small. If we select you as a client, your journey becomes intensely personal for us. We will always work as hard for your success as you will.

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Who We Are

Gatehouse Admissions is the brainchild of Liza Weale. Over the years of working with clients, Liza has witnessed the bar to admission at the very top schools continually rise — even for pedigreed individuals from the best private equity, management consulting, venture capital, and tech firms. She built Gatehouse Admissions to support applicants in meeting this challenge. Via strong client partnerships and deep investment at every stage of the application process, all of Gatehouse Admissions’ consultants specialize in helping determined candidates stand out.

Gatehouse Admissions is currently accepting inquiries from prospective clients targeting the 2021–2022 application season.

Consulting Team

What We Do

  • A thorough exploration of your experiences, values, and ambitions to identify stories and messages that will shape your application
  • Coaching, editing, and an expert’s perspective on your essays, resume, short answers, and other application components
  • Strategy development for your recommendations, working with both you and your recommenders to ensure effective letters
  • Interview training, including multiple mock interview sessions
  • Access to proprietary tools, rubrics, and processes honed through the years that will make your work more efficient and productive
  • Expertise and support throughout every step of the process, from early planning to deciding among acceptances

Getting an MBA is an investment in your career, your future and the cultivation of a business network that will last long after you leave the classroom. We view our premium consulting services as part of that investment.

Having helped hundreds of applicants gain admission to the world’s most competitive business schools, we at Gatehouse Admissions know that nothing about the admissions process is formulaic. Yet the services at many admissions consulting firms are. We focus on taking individuals in whom we see exceptional promise and tailoring the application experience to ensure that their candidacies are as compelling as possible.

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Our Clients

We limit our client roster to a small number of high-caliber candidates, primarily from private equity, management consulting, venture capital, family business, and tech firms, who are targeting the most prestigious business schools. Yet even within these motivated applicant pools, Gatehouse Admissions is not for everyone. The strongest partnerships are those in which each participant contributes equally. We do not care if a client is a weaker writer, tends to be disorganized, struggles to interview effectively, or has never engaged in any real self-reflection. We know very well how to address and overcome these kinds of issues. Instead, we seek clients who are committed to working hard, open to feedback, and willing to learn — about both themselves and how to craft a compelling application.

If you are ready to bring your best effort to your application, we are ready to help.

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Please use the following form to help us get to know you. If we feel that your profile would be a good match with our service, we will contact you to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation. You can use this time to discuss your MBA application strategy, school choices, readiness, or any other MBA issues or concerns.

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Liza Weale

Liza Weale


With more than 100 five-star reviews on GMAT Club, Liza is one of the most sought-after admissions consultants in the industry. A former Bain & Company consultant and an MIT Sloan graduate, Liza brings discipline, logic, and curiosity to her coaching, enabling hundreds of success stories at schools such as Harvard, Stanford, UPenn Wharton, Northwestern Kellogg, and MIT Sloan. Her past clients also cite Liza’s relentless commitment and positivity as critical factors in their success.

Liza believes that the best applications — the ones she and her clients are most proud of — are those that result from deep reflection, patience, and iteration. She founded Gatehouse Admissions to give MBA applicants a willing, capable, and eager partner to leverage throughout the application process.

Brooke Wheelan

Brooke Wheelan

Special Advisor

A former Associate Director of Admissions at Harvard Business School, Brooke served on the HBS MBA Admissions and Interview Board for a total of 13 years. She reviewed more than 10,000 MBA applications and traveled globally to conduct more than 1,000 interviews while overseeing candidate evaluation and online application processes. Prior to HBS, Brooke was a management consultant at Bain & Company. She earned her MBA degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia with highest distinction.

Brooke’s coaching philosophy is to be honest, supportive, and demanding. She is motivated by understanding who her clients are at their core, guiding them to come to their own personal realizations and tell their own authentic story. As Special Advisor, Brooke enables Gatehouse Consultants to deliver a 360-degree perspective to their clients — as MBAs, as admissions consultants, and as the admissions committee.

April Stewart

April Stewart


A Harvard Business School MBA and former management consultant with Boston Consulting Group, April takes a methodical, hands-on, and client-centric approach to admissions coaching. Her additional experience in strategy and innovation — specifically in retail — has equipped her to identify the critical details, ideas, and words that will bring a client’s application to life and showcase their candidacy as a whole. April particularly enjoys learning what makes each of her clients unique and helping them craft a compelling narrative that highlights the best of who they are. While not afraid to push her clients to dig deep as they advance through the admissions process, she also works to ensure that they believe in themselves and their aspirations throughout the journey.

Before pursuing her MBA from Harvard, April earned a bachelor of arts in economics from Bryn Mawr College, where she was captain of both the varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Teams.

Brett Lewis

Brett Lewis


In his MBA admissions coaching, Brett draws on the broad knowledge he has gained from a career spanning strategy consulting at Bain & Company, founding and selling a startup venture, private equity, and business development for Big Tech. Brett — who speaks four languages and has worked in five countries — earned his bachelor of arts from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He also holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and master’s degrees from both the University of Pennsylvania’s Lauder Institute and the London School of Economics.

Brett has a longstanding passion for coaching and writing. While at Wharton, he became inspired to demystify the business school application process for other applicants and conceived of and published 50+ Successful Wharton Business School Essays. He served as Class Marshal and has led on-campus recruitment efforts for his past employers. Brett is motivated by the opportunities business school can provide at pivotal stages in one’s career and enjoys helping clients navigate the challenges of applying to the world’s most prestigious institutions.

Hollis Kline

Hollis Kline


Hollis earned her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and her bachelor of arts in literature from Yale University (Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude). Eight years ago, a lifelong love of reading, writing, and editing led Hollis to consider admissions coaching as a career, but what cemented her choice was the opportunity to support MBA applicants on such an introspective journey. Hollis takes the trust clients place in her very seriously, helping clients to explore their dreams, fears, traumas, and triumphs and convey what makes them compelling candidates.

Earlier in her life, Hollis worked as a student journalist, holding different editorial positions at The Yale Herald and co-founding a Stanford GSB blog. Pre-admissions consulting, her career spanned real estate private equity, public relations and executive search. An avid photographer and outdoor athlete, Hollis enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and backpacking — and the attendant documentation of exciting pursuits and beautiful settings.

Rachel Nelson

Rachel Nelson


Rachel used to sit on the other side of MBA admissions as an alumna interviewer for UPenn Wharton. Interviewing prospective business school candidates revealed to Rachel the increasing complexity of the application process. As a former rower for Harvard’s Radcliffe Crew, Rachel has always loved teamwork and understands how crucial it can be in one’s success. With that in mind, she pivoted away from evaluating business school aspirants in favor of working directly with them. She loves exploring her clients’ motivations and goals, guiding them on which stories to showcase and how, and utilizing her own experiences to help them increase their odds wherever and whenever she can. With a liberal arts degree in government from Harvard College and her Wharton MBA, Rachel relies on both a strong EQ and sharp IQ to be a formidable partner for MBA candidates targeting the very best schools.

Rachel splits her time between Boston and the Cotswolds in England, while partnering with business school applicants from all over the world. Prior to becoming an admissions coach, Rachel built a career focused on strategy and marketing in financial services.