The MBA Application Process, Part 4: The Truth about Business School Letters of Recommendation

Your letters of recommendation are a vital part of your MBA application; they allow the admissions committee to see you through another person’s eyes. The letters can also bring life to you and your achievements in a way that you cannot do yourself, and they should reinforce why you are worthy of a spot in the school’s next MBA class. However, selecting the right recommenders can be challenging. You need to think about your options properly, and after you have selected your recommenders, you will need to support and guide them—without crossing any ethical lines—so that they write the most effective letters they can. 

In Part 4 of our nine-part series on the MBA application process, we will explain how to screen and choose your recommenders for your business school applications, how to help them write strong letters, and how to avoid challenging scenarios along the way. We will also outline what the admissions committees want to see in and learn from these letters.