The MBA Application Process, Part 7: The Online Application Questions—Your Hidden Opportunity

Did you even know that online application questions were a thing? For some schools, the online application simply requires providing your name and some biographical and professional information. But these days, more and more MBA programs are using the online application to collect additional information from and about candidates. For example, you might be asked to relate your biggest challenge at each of your jobs, your proudest career accomplishment, your reason for participating in different activities, and every award you have ever received. Every part of the MBA application is an opportunity for you to reveal your personality, strengths, background, and potential to the admissions committees—even the online application questions, so use them to your advantage. You can, and should, be as strategic in answering these questions as you are with all the other components of your application.

In Part 7 of our nine-part series on the MBA application process, we will discuss the common challenges posed by the online application and offer ten tips for ensuring that you make the most of this part of your business school package. We will also provide several examples of well-executed responses and explain what makes them strong.