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Mariesa Ricks

Mariesa Ricks


Mariesa received her MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS), where she served as an Admissions Ambassador. Today, she partners with the HBS Admissions Office via its alumni chat program. In addition, she earned a master of science from the Harvard School of Public Health and a bachelor of science from Harvard College.

Mariesa’s post-MBA professional experience has centered on helping premium and luxury brands to execute branding communications and experiences. Before attending business school, she worked at the intersection of health and technology for two app-based start-ups and a boutique management consulting firm.

Mariesa volunteers for the HBS Club of New York as part of its Strategy and Innovation for Programing team. Ever the dog lover, she is a devoted foster dog-mom to some of New York’s cutest borough-bred pups.

  In Mariesa’s Words

Applicants to top-tier schools often have a cookie-cutter mind-set regarding what ingredients should go into a successful application. While credentials, promotions, and achievements are certainly key ingredients, the storytelling and confidence to dig deep authentically is often where many fall short in the recipe. Really understanding the crucible moments, both personally and professionally, and conveying the key aspects of the application holistically are critical in crafting a uniquely strong and memorable application.

What Clients Say about Working with Mariesa

I initially worked with another highly regarded consultant [from a different firm] but did not feel confident in where I was landing in my HBS application. I then started working with Mariesa, who was super responsive and not afraid to give me “tough love” feedback on all aspects of my application—resume, essay, mock interview, and post-interview reflection. It was a journey for sure, but she was so supportive and always cheer[ed] me on!! I wouldn't have secured my acceptance to HBS without her!

  HBS Admit

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