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Rachel Nelson

Rachel Nelson


Rachel used to sit on the other side of MBA admissions as an alumna interviewer for UPenn Wharton. Interviewing prospective business school candidates revealed to Rachel the increasing complexity of the application process. As a former rower for Harvard’s Radcliffe Crew, Rachel has always loved teamwork and understands how crucial it can be in one’s success. With that in mind, she pivoted away from evaluating business school aspirants in favor of working directly with them. She loves exploring her clients’ motivations and goals, guiding them on which stories to showcase and how, and utilizing her own experiences to help them increase their odds wherever and whenever she can. With a liberal arts degree in government from Harvard College and her Wharton MBA, Rachel relies on both a strong EQ and sharp IQ to be a formidable partner for MBA candidates targeting the very best schools.

Rachel splits her time between Boston and the Cotswolds in England, while partnering with business school applicants from all over the world. Prior to becoming an admissions coach, Rachel built a career focused on strategy and marketing in financial services.

  In Rachel’s Words

As a “people person,” I really enjoy getting to know my clients deeply, and while the window into their lives is a plus for me, it’s also intentional: in getting to know them well, I can help them get to know themselves. I also love the teamwork that my clients and I embark on, reflecting on their stories and goals and strategizing together on their application. Lastly, I am competitive; I want the win of a client’s acceptance almost as much as my clients do, and I relish sharing in that final accomplishment.

What Clients Say about Working with Rachel

As a first-time applicant, I found the MBA application process daunting, and to have someone like Rachel as a knowledge resource was extremely helpful. Rachel helped me organize my thoughts and provided amazing feedback that I would not have without her as my consultant. While brainstorming content for the essay topics, she had a great sense of the qualities that my dream school looked for in its candidates and provided excellent guidance on the aspects of my background that would put my best foot forward. She was instrumental in helping me shape a tight story for my MBA candidacy. When my essays missed the mark, Rachel gave me candid, specific feedback ranging from what topics required further elaboration to which achievements best reflected my motivations. She was also an excellent aid through the interview process, helping tidy up my responses to the challenge questions and providing feedback before my actual interviews. I would recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a top-notch consultant. I could not imagine going through it without her, and I am thankful that I had the chance to work with her.

  INSEAD Admit

I could not recommend Rachel more highly. She was extremely proactive, efficient, and effective throughout the application process. She helped identify the key elements of my personal narrative and was exceedingly honest in providing feedback on my essays and resume. She pushed me to perform at my best, and I ended up with a finished product I could not have been happier with. I felt she truly cared about my outcome and went above and beyond for me.

  Columbia Business School Admit

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