Who We Are

Marcus Dahllöf

Marcus Dahllöf


Relevant Academic Credentials

The Wharton School, MBA
University of Pennsylvania, A.B., cum laude

MBA Admissions/Coaching Experience

10 years

Coaching Style

Direct, goal oriented, ambitious

Exceptional Skills

  • Helping “nontraditional” applicants (e.g., athletes, entrepreneurs, international applicants, members of the military) effectively convey their unique experiences to craft convincing MBA applications
  • Constructing timelines and prioritizing application components to keep clients on track

Areas of Expertise

Corporate strategy/development, corporate innovation, start-ups (founder of two tech start-ups, one exit), deep tech start-ups, technology, venture capital

Of Interest

Marcus was a walk-on member of the crew team at the University of Pennsylvania and through a lot of hard work, determination, and passion, progressed to eventually compete as an elite rower on the Swedish national rowing team. He is still an avid sportsman and enjoys mountain biking, trail running, surfing, and doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as playing football (soccer) with his two boys.

More about Marcus

Marcus’s diverse and lengthy professional career gives him an edge in helping clients translate their accomplishments into narratives that resonate with admissions committees. He credits his days being coached as a competitive athlete for his ability to be a coach himself, providing specific and actionable feedback so that clients know exactly where they should focus their efforts at every step of the application process. Above all, Marcus enjoys helping clients uncover the key experiences that differentiate them from other candidates and produce applications of which they can feel proud.

Marcus has spent much of his career as an entrepreneur and innovator. He founded an e-commerce company and a cybersecurity company, worked in corporate development at an industry-leading technology corporation, and now facilitates connections between start-ups and corporations at top-tier polytechnical universities. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in international relations and later returned to pursue his MBA from The Wharton School. He has worked and lived in the United States, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland, South Korea, and Japan. Marcus currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

  In Marcus’s Words

I started admissions consulting somewhat by chance. I did a little coaching in rowing when I stopped competing and really enjoyed helping others succeed. After helping my sister on her application to Wharton, I realized that admissions consulting could be an area where I could apply those coaching skills and meaningfully contribute to someone’s career trajectory and life. I’ve been coaching MBA applicants ever since, working with a extraordinarily diverse set of clients, including an ATP tennis player, a Navy SEAL, family business owners, and many technologists and entrepreneurs. Not only has it been rewarding to help them achieve their business school goals, but also I’ve really enjoyed learning about my clients’ backgrounds, industries and experiences. Everyone has an interesting story to tell!

What Clients Say about Working with Marcus

I worked with Marcus from July - December 2022 on my MBA application. I was waitlisted in the 2021 application cycle, and decided to reapply and was admitted in 2022! Marcus was a difference maker in the application process between these two cycles. He was very engaged and in-depth, and provided incredible guidance throughout our period working together. My essays and positioning were significantly improved as a result of working with Marcus. Marcus would consistently encourage me to get extremely specific on what a Wharton MBA would do for me to help me achieve my goals. Not only did this help the admissions committee get more clarity on why I wanted to apply, but also I now feel excited and clear about the activities that I want to engage in when on campus. We additionally had a few mock interview sessions which provided the preparation I needed to succeed on this front. Overall I would highly recommend working with Marcus for the MBA application, as he was a pleasure to work with and knows what he is talking about!

  Wharton Admit (Reapplicant)

As someone with average undergraduate education and work experience, I was worried about how I could make my application stand out. But with Marcus’s help, I was able to craft a compelling application story that truly represented me as a candidate.

And working with Marcus was genuinely enjoyable! He's a super nice guy and made the MBA application process much less lonely.

Thanks to Marcus’s help, I was accepted to two out of the four M7 schools I applied to and will be attending Northwestern Kellogg for a two year full-time MBA program this fall. I couldn’t be happier with the results and highly recommend Marcus to anyone who is serious about their MBA applications.

  Kellogg Admit

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