Who We Are

Lynn Moloney

Lynn Moloney


Relevant Academic Credentials

Harvard Business School, MBA
Bowdoin College, BA (magna cum laude)

MBA Admissions/Coaching Experience

16 years

Coaching Style

Supportive, honest, personalized

Exceptional Skills

  • Finding commonalities in seemingly disparate experiences; identifying values and priorities
  • Articulating the thread between skills and goals, especially for nontraditional applicants

Areas of Expertise

  • Brand marketing; publishing/media (15 years in publishing, most recently as managing editor of Fast Company and Inc.); candidates working in digital startups

Of Interest

Lynn is a true foodie. From her years of writing reviews for New York City restaurants and editing content for Epicurious, to her current love of cooking vegetarian meals and exploring international cuisines, food has brought both joy and sustenance. To balance this love of eating, Lynn is a dedicated indoor cyclist and downhill skier.

More about Lynn

At Harvard Business School, Lynn served on the board of the Harbus newspaper and as co-president of the Entertainment & Media Club. At Bowdoin College, Lynn studied international relations and Asian studies and had the opportunity to study abroad in Austria and Kenya. These experiences set Lynn on a path of curiosity and global engagement that continues through her work with a diverse range of clients.

When she was the managing editor of Fast Company and Inc., Lynn enjoyed helping colleagues identify their career goals and the skills they needed to achieve them. Now, she naturally helps her clients think beyond the classroom to the broader MBA experience. At Vanity Fair, Lynn was immersed in best-in-class storytelling, while at Epicurious, she learned how to package content for different audiences, which is an essential strategy with MBA applications. She served as the corporate marketing director at a start-up while it grew from just two dozen employees to a publicly traded company, learning the value of the stretch assignment and recognizing the worth of the MBA for leadership training. Lynn brings all these experiences to her client partnerships, empowering applicants to showcase their full potential.

  In Lynn’s Words

In admissions consulting, I sought a way to combine my love of stories and my editing skills with my desire to share the value of the MBA. My 15 years of editorial media experience allow me to bring a journalistic perspective to the application process, especially brainstorming the experiences that will best highlight your unique story. I will always be honest, even when doing so might be tough, and I take pride in offering solutions and ideas in tandem with my feedback. Clients have told me that they are able to open up in our conversations and feel free to be themselves, without judgment. From brainstorming to interview preparation, I dedicate whatever amount of time is necessary to my clients to make the MBA application process revealing, rewarding, and even fun.

What Clients Say about Working with Lynn

I’d like to highlight how instrumental Lynn has been in my (successful) application process. I had solid statistics and work experience, but I needed help navigating the admissions process, articulating my candidacy, and above all, I needed confidence. Lynn provided all of these things and more. She helped me frame my experiences in ways that I hadn’t ever thought of. She helped me understand how stories that I initially thought were disjointed, isolated events were actually stepping stones on a path that led me to where I am today, and that prepared me for where I want to go in the future.

Lynn was knowledgeable, responsive, honest, and more importantly, Lynn became a trusted advisor and a friend through the admissions process, and I can honestly say that I could not have made it through without her help. I joked several times that my relationships with family and friends were spared because Lynn shielded them from my stress. While comical, I do believe it to be true. Lynn always made herself available at odd times, given my work schedule, even for calls that were sometimes merely confidence-boosters.

Enlisting Lynn’s help has been one of my best decisions throughout the MBA admissions process, and I am excited to join her as an HBS alum in just over 2 years!

  HBS Admit

My favorite parts about working with Lynn were (1) while you brainstorm for your essays, she helps to pinpoint your best stories and identify themes. These notes aid you in the self reflection exercise that’s required for MBA applications. (2) She never steals your voice! She will point out areas where she does not think your message is coming through, and push you to edit in a way that enables the Admissions Committee to hear the stories as you want them to be heard. At the end of the day, however, my applications were my applications. They represented the strongest and clearest communication of my voice, my thoughts, my achievements, my words.

I am honored to have worked with Lynn, and so thankful to be attending my dream school in the fall!

  GSB, HBS and Wharton Lauder Admit

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