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April Stewart

April Stewart


A Harvard Business School MBA and former management consultant with Boston Consulting Group, April takes a methodical, hands-on, and client-centric approach to admissions coaching. Her additional experience in strategy and innovation—specifically in retail—has equipped her to identify the critical details, ideas, and words that will bring a client’s application to life and showcase their candidacy as a whole. April particularly enjoys learning what makes each of her clients unique and helping them craft a compelling narrative that highlights the best of who they are. While not afraid to push her clients to dig deep as they advance through the admissions process, she also works to ensure that they believe in themselves and their aspirations throughout the journey.

Before pursuing her MBA from Harvard, April earned a bachelor of arts in economics from Bryn Mawr College, where she was captain of both the varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Teams.

  In April’s Words

Applying to business school can feel really overwhelming and daunting. I know it definitely did when I began that journey more than five years ago! I love the process of helping someone reflect on their past and present and where they’d like to be in the future. Many business school applicants with challenging full-time roles rarely get the opportunity to conduct this level of introspection, and I truly believe it can be transformative for the business application process and beyond!

What Clients Say about Working with April

Knowing that I needed someone I could hit the ground running with, I spoke with five different admissions consultants hoping to find the right fit. April immediately stood out. On just our first call, it became evident that April is at once deeply empathetic and practical. In 15 minutes, she was pulling stories out of me that I hadn’t thought about or told in years —specifically probing on areas in both my professional and personal lives that became invaluable building blocks to the narrative I crafted for my applications.

This blend of empathy and practicality would become a running theme throughout our engagement. With a tight timeline and a demanding day job, every day counted. In response, April expertly walked the thin line between being emotionally supportive while keeping me accountable to the almost constant work required to brainstorm, draft, redraft, and polish the 15+ essays I set out to submit. At every step along the way, April was a reliable and thoughtful partner, and, even when we were working on multiple different essays, she never once returned a draft late or without constructive feedback that took into account the “whole picture” of my application. To track and grasp the widely disparate elements of my applications and still be able to build cohesive narratives that surfaced the best parts of my story (all while I’m sure doing the same for other clients) was truly remarkable.

  Kellogg Admit

April is fantastic—she helped me whip up eight applications (three paid, the rest leveraging the material we worked on together) in less than 45 days before R2 application deadlines. It was a Herculean task, but April rose to the challenge—at once career coach, admissions dean, crisis manager, and spiritual leader in addition to her normal roles of editor, narrative crafter, mock interviewer, scholarship negotiator, and so much more.

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