Who We Are

April Stewart

April Stewart


Relevant Academic Credentials

Harvard Business School, MBA

MBA Admissions/Coaching Experience

5 years

Coaching Style

Supportive, tactical, solution oriented

Exceptional Skills

  • Steering clients purposefully to hit every milestone, especially applicants with limited free time or a shortened timeline
  • Encouraging candidates not to settle for “good enough” with their application and to push toward a submission they are truly excited about

Areas of Expertise

Big/small tech, consumer/luxury retail, private equity, management consulting (former Boston Consulting Group consultant)

Of Interest

April and her track and field teammates broke their alma mater’s record for the 4x100m relay—just eight months after April underwent major surgery on her leg. April’s steadfast determination, optimism, and energy enabled her contribution to the team’s success, and she brings these same qualities to all her client work. Also, April was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States when she was young, so she can appreciate the challenge of acclimating to and learning to thrive in a new home.

More about April

A Harvard Business School MBA and former management consultant with Boston Consulting Group, April takes an organized, direct and client-centric approach to admissions coaching. Her clients appreciate her ability to keep them moving and on track with application deadlines, no matter how busy the rest of their lives are. Moreover, having gone through the HBS admissions process herself, she is especially strong at pressure-testing clients’ HBS and other personal statement essays and ensuring they are compelling enough to keep the admissions committee’s interest. April is well-known for her balance: she is not afraid to push her clients to dig deep as they advance through the admissions process, but she also seeks to help them believe in themselves and their aspirations throughout the journey.

Before pursuing her MBA from Harvard, April earned a bachelor of arts in economics from Bryn Mawr College, where she was captain of both the varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Teams.

  In April’s Words

Applying to business school can feel really overwhelming and daunting. I know it definitely did when I began that journey more than five years ago! I love the process of helping someone reflect on their past and present and where they’d like to be in the future. Many business school applicants with challenging full-time roles rarely get the opportunity to conduct this level of introspection, and I truly believe it can be transformative for the business application process and beyond!

What Clients Say about Working with April

April was a tremendous partner and huge support system throughout this very intense process. April was incredibly perceptive and helped me distill all my various personal and professional stories down into a single narrative. April went above and beyond to address any questions I had. I felt very comfortable shooting April a quick message with even my most minor concerns – to which she provided constant reassurance and a thoughtful action plan. She would often even get additional feedback from other experts on the Gatehouse team.

I also really appreciated that April was not afraid to go back to the drawing board when we felt the need to change direction. About 4-5 drafts through one of my HSW essays, we discussed pivoting and April diligently worked with me to peel back the layers of my experiences and develop the new narrative. She asked thoughtful questions and really helped me uncover the true “so-what” in my experiences. In hindsight, this was the most critical juncture during the application process which I believe ultimately led to my admits. I am so grateful that during this time April prioritized developing the best essay possible, provided honest feedback, and guided me to go in a bold direction – rather than simply saying there was not enough time or that we had exhausted too many drafts already.

April was a partner in the truest sense from brainstorming to interview coaching to negotiating offers. She always ensured I was prepared to put my best foot forward and that there was no stone left unturned. This journey would not have been possible without April’s support and guidance!

  HBS, Wharton, and MIT Sloan Admit

April was a phenomenal partner to work with throughout what was a particularly grueling process. After making the decision to apply for R1, I surveyed four different consulting companies, all esteemed in their own right. What struck me about April, in particular, was her ability to be candid about my prospects without being discouraging; she perfectly balanced honesty with empathy in a way that was reassuring about what we could achieve together.   While business school had been something top of mind for me since graduating from a liberal arts university, I hadn’t quite ironed out a cohesive narrative as to why I wanted to go and what I planned to do afterward. April was able to synthesize a disjointed life story into a succinct explanation as to why business school was right for me and how I stood out as a candidate. She was extremely thoughtful (& timely!) with her feedback, focusing on both the big picture as well as the small nits. Together, we crafted applications that I felt excited to submit and confident in my prospects.

April’s commitment didn’t stop after I clicked submit; she set me up for success in my interviews by performing multiple mocks and giving me a sense of what to expect, particularly with Wharton’s Team-Based Discussion. When I was admitted to two schools, she helped me navigate the difficult decision and also gave me advice for pursuing scholarship money. April coached me end-to-end, playing a critical role in my application process and acting as a sounding board. She exhibited everything I could have asked for in a consultant and more: I wouldn’t be in the position to attend Wharton in the fall without her!

  Wharton and Kellogg Admit

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