Who We Are

Helen Hubbard-Li

Helen Hubbard-Li


Relevant Academic Credentials

Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA
NYU Stern Undergraduate School of Business, BS

Coaching Style

Direct, dependable, encouraging

Exceptional Skills

  • Structuring the application process and creating timelines to keep clients on track
  • Staying positive and motivating candidates to keep their “eyes on the prize” during the long application process

Areas of Expertise

Music, sports, media, big/small tech, investment banking, business development and partnerships, strategy

Of Interest

Helen met her husband in business school, where they were serendipitously placed on the same “Beer Pong for Leaders” team. She will be the first to rave about the strong return on investment of the business school experience. Helen is an avid planner and adventurer; she was chair of the Social Committee at the GSB, organizing the Small Group Dinners and formal events on and off campus, and she still plans trips with her GSB classmates to keep in touch. In fact, her son accompanied her on 15 flights before his first birthday!

More about Helen

Having been accepted into the GSB, HBS, and Wharton before choosing to attend the GSB, Helen understands the dedication and thought needed to build a well-rounded application that stands out. Helen takes an empathetic, structured, and client-centric approach to admissions coaching, drawing on both her professional experiences and her business school journey to offer guidance, and she digs into what inspires and differentiates her clients to help craft their stories.

Helen began her career in investment banking at Evercore before doubling down in her interests in sports, media and entertainment, first at the NBA and later at Spotify. Before pursuing her MBA from Stanford, Helen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and economics from NYU, where she served as president of the Stern Student Council.

  In Helen’s Words

The MBA process can be daunting, but it can also be so rewarding and introspective. I’m here to be your confidant every step of the way—to keep you focused where you need to be, to be the sounding board for your ideas, and to make sure your unique voice and personal experiences shine through.

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