Who We Are

A Boutique Firm with Elite MBA Admissions Experts

At Gatehouse Admissions, we take pride in our team members’ caliber, coaching skills, and compassion.

Our Consultants earned MBAs from three of the most competitive business schools: Harvard Business School (HBS), the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. We believe that the key to effectively coaching someone through the application process for any MBA program—let alone a top-ranked one—lies in having successfully navigated it oneself.

  • As MBAs, we are driven, ambitious, and focused on reaching our singular goal: your acceptance to your target business school.
  • As coaches, we are passionate about helping others understand and ultimately realize their potential.

When you bring together a group of determined, sharp, and caring MBAs, you can do amazing things. (Trust us, you will see this for yourself once you arrive at business school.) What this means at Gatehouse is that you benefit not only from our having already walked the path you are just now beginning but also from our relentless and collaborative  focus on ensuring that our processes, tools, and insights are the best in the industry.

Meet our team

The Gatehouse Way

We have codified our best practices—gleaned from our many combined years of coaching clients—into the Gatehouse Way. Each of us is committed to the expertise, energy, and approach that defines Gatehouse.

All MBAs from the Most Competitive Programs

Our philosophy starts with our team members. When you want to attend one of the world’s most competitive MBA programs, what better partner could you have than someone who truly understands what you are up against—someone who is not just a creative and brilliant communicator, not just a supportive yet demanding coach, but someone who has also been in your shoes and successfully attained their MBA admissions goals. This is why we insist that all our Consultants hail from the most elite business schools: we know what is involved in earning that coveted acceptance letter.

Dedicated to a Small Number of Clients

By concentrating on just a few, select clients per Consultant, we are able to be fully responsive to and supportive of our aspiring MBAs at every stage of the application process. Our candidates never need to worry about competing for our time or attention or that their Consultant will miss a deadline, provide shallow or unhelpful comments or edits, mix up or lose files, or treat them as a commodity—all horror stories we have heard about other firms’ consultants who overextend themselves with too many clients. We have designed our firm so that our Consultants have every incentive to invest in you as much as you are investing in us.


As a Gatehouse client, you have both your dedicated Consultant and the entire Gatehouse team behind you. Because of our small size (given our commitment to hiring only the best), our Consultants truly support one another as peers and friends. This close collaboration among our team members allows you to benefit from multiple experts’ input on your materials, the opportunity to do mock interviews with different Consultants, and a more profound well of intel and experience to draw from—all so your application is as strong as it can be.

Invested in Your Success

Every client’s journey is intensely personal for us. Your success is our success. We place no limit on the number of essay reviews we will provide or questions we will answer. We absolutely expect you to work hard, but we will match your efforts every step of the way—and will not stop until you are happy with the result.

Pride in What We Do and Choose Not to

We are admissions consultants because we love helping candidates believe in themselves and reach their goals. If we do not feel confident that we can help you achieve your MBA aspirations, whether because of unrealistic expectations or too short a timeline, we will say so. In such instances, we know that our services would be insufficient, so taking you on as a client would be unfair to you and not a worthwhile investment on your part.

To learn what the Gatehouse Way means for you, request a free consultation with Gatehouse Admissions today.